We are sorry to inform you that due to a health problem, TeamCoffre will unfortunately not be able to ensure the end of the winter season. We will come back to you soon regarding the summer season.
We thank all our customers for their understanding.



We offer1h30 ride including 30 min discovery of the team, We take the time to explain and present our passion. These activities will be above all, a moment of pleasure to share together, surrounded by nature. You will lose notion of time and as magic is installed.


Before the beginning of all activities, you are informed of the safety rules related to our activity, so that they all flow smoothly. Is it better that the children are equipped with helmet (not supplied), as all Nordic activities it is strongly advised to arrive equipped with winter clothes (pants, hat, scarf, gloves, waterproof jacket etc).


the TEAMCOFFRE are on  Pras de Lys / Sommand station for the winter period in Haute Savoie of 1500 m of altitude which rises up to 2 000m.

As soon as there is snow (around December 22nd) until mid-April, we offer rides.  

During the summer we organize cani rando (slegdog treck) in Saône et Loire, Ain and Jura.

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Come and discover the world of sled dogs, you will spend a pleasant time with us, Mushers, and our dogs.


(The bonus? You will be speechless by the wonderfull Praz de Lys / Sommand Station and all its offers.)

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